Escola Municipal de Música Can Fargues

The restoration of Can Fargues music school was made by BAMMP Arquitectes in 2014 and currently, it is a primary school of music.img_1051

Can Fargues is situated in Horta neighbourhood, in north-west of Barcelona.

The main building goes back to the 13th century, and all the restoration turn around the central tower of it.


To reach the entrance, we are forced to pass through a small courtyard, where we can find a stair composed of a typical Catalan vault. From here, it is possible to see the old tower as well.



In the past, this building was used to produce wine, and this is why this lot consist also of a garden. Furthermore, we can find storage rooms inside, where wine was stored but currently with no function.



All floors are connected with a new internal stair, which is not sustained by the tower’s wall. In fact, it is possible to see space between the handrail and the wall itself.


The school is composed of entrance, some small common areas, classrooms, two big terraces and the patio as well. In addition, there is an Auditorium on the ground floor, completely soundproof.


It is extremely interesting to notice how inside the Auditorium, the acoustics change from a “sector” to another, helped also by dimensions and the vaults in it.


In general, Can Fargues is not very bright, but probably because BAMMP studio wanted to be respectful to the ancient structure. Materials and tenuous colours have been chosen very well for this restoration, in order to accentuate textures and volumes.

In conclusion, I think this intervention has been made in the better way.


Gabriele Bortoluzzi – photos taken with iPhone SE ®

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