The Julia Tower for aged people

The Julia Tower, designed by Pau Vidal, Sergi Pons and Ricard Galiana, is located in Poble Nou neighbourhood, in the north of Barcelona.


The Tower was built in the 2011 and it was designed specifically as social housing for aged people. It appears as a white striped monolith, partially covered with a grid. Bearing structure is entirely made of rough concrete, hidden by corrugated iron plates.


In the ground floor, which is partially covered with a coloured wallpaper, are situated the keeper room, facility rooms and also an Atelier with a small patio where residents can stay and have fun together. This room can be used as a theatre, handmade workshop and game room.


This residential tower is composed of seventeen floors, divided in three sector (from ground to the top: yellow, light green and green). In each sector we find a specific double-height room, which host a different social function (like a small gym, a reading room). These rooms are recognisable because of their coloured decorative wallpaper (with the same colour of its sector).



Finally, the upper floor is entirely open, and it serves as a “solarium” and terrace. The panorama is excellent and it can be appreciated also from the external stairs (often used as terraces as well), in particular where the grid is not present.



In general, I think the Julia Tower is very well composed. The view and external stairs used as common terraces improve residents’ social life. Furthermore, materials chosen are pleasant, although these gives an idea of cheap materials.

Gabriele Bortoluzzi – photos taken with iPhone SE ®

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